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When the world comes in between you & your life, some things fall on the backburner of your plans. Perhaps you have to put up buying that new gadget you've been longing after for a certain time, perhaps you have to cancel that date (or fall into defeated aggrevation for the lack thereof) or, as in my case, you cannot find the time to recommend an outstanding artist to the world.

As I should have done two months ago when I first acquired her album, I here bring a preview taste of the enchanting, wonderful Gemma Hayes.

With one of the, in my opinion , best album releases of this year Gemma's Hollow Morning is an even, soft-sung melody-tuned album where the known singer-songwriters enters the realm of enchanted magic. She invites you close to her, draws you near, then whisks your mind into her glittering world of acoustic & nerve-shuddering songs which sounds like a soundtrack in itself -- perhaps this is the soundtrack to your life atm?

If you liked Catherine Feeney's Leave you on the pavement, you will definetly like this one.

In short, preview & listen -- it's one of the best albums of this year (so far). You won't be disappointed, but perhaps, fall a little bit - or a lot - in love.

Gemma Hayes - Chasing Dragons
They say time is just one long straight line and they cant deaden a girl while she's still alive // Well man, we've had one hell of a ride // Go chase your dragon and I'll chase mine
My first, instant favourite, a softly sad little tale about parting ways.

Gemma Hayes - Home
Guarded by the darkness, waiting side by side we tag along at the back of crowd // You and I full of sorrow, full of light // This is Home, your face is home
Extremely soundtrack sounding, a more intense tale about going back home, or perhaps where to find it.
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Mishmash #13

Hola on encore, music-minglers!

This weekend has been very relazing for me: filled with great music, good company in the form of beer, hot pockets &, of course, my lover, Mr. Icecream. How's your weekend been?

I told you I'd bring you another Mishmash update, so, here it is. During the week I'll try to do a Soundtrack update (got any request or suggestions?) and perhaps something more as well.

If restriction's limiting you, grab the ones with the        !

Deb Talan - Forgiven                      !
Remember that first touch? Take that first blush, the captured sweetness of that and put it into words and music & you'd have this acoustic song. One of the sweetest (thankfully withstanding the lovey-dovey) songs I've heard in a long, long time. Adorable without being too sweet, longing without being sad.

Europe - Carrie
A classic rock-ballad (slash anthem) that never quite suspends the poodle-do's, but provides the perfect and apt melody for a bonfire's company.

Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething 
I know that neo-pop-y jazz is not everyone’s favorite cup of tea, but really, anyone should be in the mood for some cleverly-witted and well-written fun-spinning song that reminds you of who you are, who you might be & who you’re not – all to the good tuning of a playful Englishman with on-stage & on-singing jitters. 

Rosie Thomas - Farewell                         !
The title of the song says it all: the departure which you can feel more in your hoping heart than anywhere your eyes can find; touching that rain-splattered window & feeling the chill of it and wishing you could feel anything else inside, wishing that your mind was not aligned your mood's way... beautiful sadness, tender trepidation.

Lifehouse - Somewhere in between
For some unknown reason, I will always consider Lifehouse as a bit neo-oldskool. This, apart from their other calm track (with the amazing build-up) is the first slower song of theirs I heard. Given, I was in a major The Matrix phase at the time; the lyrics what is real and just a dream? did nothing to NOT drag me in. Slow, afternoon-hazy and just simply pleasant.

Richard Marx - Right here waiting 
There’s a quote that says “I like all kinds of music, but I prefer the things that last.” With that, some songs never age, and this one is a true example of that. Sad and heartbroken, it’s that final promise before the phone hangs up at the other end of the line, a thousand miles away…the wish that one day, everything will be alright.

The Sounds – Seven days a week                      !
Enough with the pathetic emotional crap already, right? Ge me something pumpin’, something floor-jumping and tantalizing with pop-synth-y rock and give it to me now! Well, here you go. Kudos. 

Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.     
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First time favourite meme

This music meme is very simple, but also much fun (and frustrating) to do: 

- You simply write out the alphabet, from A-Z.
- You then list ONE artist/band beginning with each letter.
- Post the first song you ever heard from then + your favourite song from them.

Neat, fun & easy!

This community is not regularly about or featuring memes, but this one I thought could perhaps bring curiosity out & help connect people. When you see that perhaps you've listed the same artist, but someone has another favourite song, etc... just have fun, go with the flow! 

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Mishmash #12

Long time, no hear music minglers! 

For my own personal disadvantage, I am still in the process of finding a whereabouts to call my own. It's a long process, as it seems; living in a large city helps you not. But anyway, enough about real life shizz! Now, instead, let's all divulge into the wonders of what can both simultaneously serve to bring you from that dreary, mundane reality that it seems no one can escape - at least not with their sanity intact - or, at other occasions, serve to enhance it. It's the fresh wonder of music: it is what you make it. Have at it! 

To make up for my lack of presence & updates lately, I'll try to post as much as I can this weekend. Expect at least another Mishmash.

If restriction's limiting you, grab the ones with the            ! 

Wyclef Jean - Gone til November                      !
This one's not about strippers, nor having been shot & needing a whole damned song because you can't remember the proper emergency number -- this is Wyclef like you've never quite heard him before; a soft &, as always well-lyriced hip-but-softer-hop song complete with strings & un-rappery c&esence. One of my own very personal favourites of Mr. Wyclef's. 

Vertical Horizon - Everything you want
This song goes to show that a steady chorus, lyrics that turn themselves around towards the end & give new meaning; complete with some steady but-not-too-hardcore rock can get you a looong way. A classic among fandom universe. 

Tori Amos - Losing my religion                 !
One day I'm going to post a topic featuring only cover-songs (actually, several of them since my list of cover songs just keeps piling up on me) but some times I just get ahead of myself & can't resist posting an example out of the accrued batch. This here being a good example: dark, sinful & with hints of shadows sweeping by with a glint of jealousy in the eye... this track is all that the original is not & it's all in a good way. 

Robbie Williams - I will talk & Hollywood will listen
Some times the most unexpected song, the one you never think the artist would sing, is what draws to both their & your surprise, the best out of them. When Robbie ventured into the Swing era & began singing a genre that's tinted with heavy Rat Pack influences & that cool-cat jammin', some crossed their eyes & counted him out even before the first listen -- very wrongly so. Robbie's versatile voice fits perfectly for swing, & for this track, which is a wonderful criss-cross somewhere in between the l&s of swing & typical Robbie-ballad-pop, he shows of why he's such a great singer, & also, artist. Cocky lyrics; it fits him perfectly. 

Linda Ronstadt & Charles Ingram - Somewhere out there
If you haven't seen An American Tail as a child, regardless of your country of origin, consider yourself deprived. A charming, wonderful story about a little mouse who gets lost away from his family during the once-upon-a-time immigration to America, this here song was the official theme. Longing, pretty as a starlit sky at twinkling nighttime; too often covered at school cabarets... it is the bane of a great song: to be coveted by many & covered even more. 

Imogen Heap - HIde & Seek              !
If you don't know about Imogen Heap, you don't know sh*t. Seriously, however -- this was the first track I ever heard of theirs, what made me fall in love with a genre I would otherwise have denied before giving it a proper listen. Because honestly, how attractive does a lone female, a loop-machine & electronic instruments really sound? Here, it proves that it's just like Cinderella's dream night at the castle. Dozy, yes, for sure, but also, perfectly wonderful. 

Foo Fighters - Dear lover
I have to say, I was not expecting much from the latest Foo Fighter's album Missing Pieces & perhaps it was just therefore I was so pleasantly surprised to discover just how good it was. Delivering a steady, classic-to-their-own-sound album but with fresh vibes where they have listened to their audience, what they like; what they should keep & what should go, where they could experiment... this slow & soft acoustic song is a good middle-way of an album that's actually pretty darn good. 

 Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.        
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Hey music-minglers.

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while now -- I'm still moving about & may be so for a while. During that time the updates might fall of the scheduele's strict wagon for a while, but rest assure, it won't last for much longer. Soon I'll be settled in - atm I'm living in between placed - & then the frequent updates will be back. As a token of my appriciation for you being such awesome & patient music-fans, I will also update daily for a while to come then.

Hear you soon!
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Mishmash #11: Top 10 of the Top

We can rate songs by as many manners as there are moods: we can sort them into categories & let them live their life by that, or we can stick our player on shuffle as if we've just taken an LSD pill with our mood; we can rate them by what someone else thinks of them; by general view... in short, there are many & varied ways to rate them. Also, there are niftier, simpler ones -- iTunes overtook Windows Mediaplayers system with ratings on a scale between 1-5, displayed by stars.

I personally use this with strict rules:
1 star: Unlistenable & should be skipped.
2 stars: An alright song, but not of my liking. Also my neutral entry rate.
3 stars: A good song.
4 stars: A very good song.
5 stars: A fantastic personal-super-duper song.

I should go to say that I don't just rate any song with a 5 star rating -- out of all the songs in my library, 0,00325% are honoured with a 5 star rating. As I said, I don't just give any song a 5 star.

So, as I promised last week, here's 10 top songs from my Top 10. These songs are based on my personal Top 50 rated (5 star) songs from my iTunes library, having picked 10 on random. You should know that these are 5 stars to me; this does not mean that you will like it since ratings are, like songs, personal.

No ! because I can't pick out any special favourites from these. Ze impossible!

John Mayer - Man on the side (live)
I am the man on the side, hoping you'll make up your mind // I am the one who will swallow his pride // Living life as the man on the side
One thing I love about live songs from a great artist is where they just fall into the mood of music, playing or singing & losing themselves to it -- the lead-in to this song which can be heard in the beginning is Mr. Mayer on a concert just jammin' it up, then completely on random falling into the above-titled song more or less on accident. IMO, one of his absolute best songs ever.

Ryan Adams - La Cienega just smiled
And I hold you close in the back of my mind, raise my glass 'cause either way I'm dead // Neither of you really help me to sleep anymore // One breaks my body and the other breaks my soul // La Cienega just smiles as it waves goodbye
A hammock, or a dust bar in the backroads of Route 66; a warm beer in your hand & that attractive he or she waitress/waiter in your eye. Or, a warm summer's day cruisin' down some lonesome road, or lying in the grass with the background surr of crickets & love. Has been featured on Alias.

Counting Crows - A murder of one
All your life just a shame, shame shame // All your love is just a dream, dream dream /// Well, I dreamt I saw you walkin', up a hillside in the snow // Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there counting crows // One for sorrow, two for joy three for girls, and four for boys five for silver, six for gold seven for a secret never to be told
With their unique talent of combining twisted emotional singing with lyrics that are as beautiful as dawn but equally twisted as a alcoholic rush, they here swish it all into the swirly song which I think is one of their main title-tracks. Been featured on Scrubs, among things.

Jamie Cullum - High & dry (live from the South Bank show)
Drying up in conversation, you will be the one who cannot talk // All your insides fall to pieces, you just sit there wishing you could still make love // They're the ones who'll hate you when you think you've got the world all sussed out // They're the ones who'll spit at you. You will be the one screaming out.
It's a rare thing when an artist does a cover of a song better than the original artist (in this case Radiohead) but with this passionate piano-jazzed-up version, he by far surpasses the original with a song that needs a sunset-drop background when you're down in the dumps. Warning: it won't pull you up but it's like a sonorous caress just the same.

Jack Johnson - Better together
There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard // No songs that I could sing, but I can try for your heart // Our dreams, they are made out of real things, like a shoeboex full of photographs with sepia-tone loving
Occasionally, you just want a song that makes you happy. If it's got super-adorable & well-knitted lyric-base and woven around a simple guitar melody which will stick in your head, then hey, all the better.

Tracy Chapman - The Promise
If you wait for me then I'll come for you // Although I've traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart // If you think of me, If you miss me once in a while, then I'll return to you I'll return and fill that space in your heart
Bittersweet and maudlinly longing, a song which speaks to your heart about what it has once had and wants again.

Sarah McLachlan - Angel
In the arms of the angel, fly away from here // From this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear // You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie // You're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort there
The first Sarah song which actually drew me into watching Alias, this big-girl-lost in the big-city-life without hope or a light to find is a painful heartacher. Her smooth, half-husky voice matches your sins. Also featured on Alias. (Rule of thumb: JJ Abrams show = great soundtrack.)

Linkin Park - My december
I'd give it all away, just to have somewhere to go to // Give it all away, just to have someone to come home to // This is my December, this is my time of the year
One of the first songs that stuck with me way back when it was unreleased, their slowest song is also one of their best. Perfectly matched with dark light during winter & emotional complacency to match.

Damien Rice - Accidental babies
Well I know I make you cry, and I know sometimes you wanna die, but do you really feel alivewWithout me? // If so: be free, if not: leave him for me.
Some songs hurt. I'm not talking about the pin-needle, half-stinging blood kind of hurt -- but a soul-broken, tragical pain. When you've given up, when you're crawling on the floor... the piano sounds like tears against the pavement.

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand // When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am
Classic favourite song of all classic favourite songs... ever. If you don't know about this song, you don't know sh*t. 
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Note: Mishmash

Hey music-minglers!

Due to some real-life commitments this week's Mishmash will be posted tomorrow instead. I'm sorry for letting you down, but rest assure, tomorrow it will be up & I will also try making up for it by, in the coming week, updating a few extra times.

Listen to ya later.
ETA: I'm OD-ing on Griffin House. Expect more from them in upcoming Mishmashes. Til then, here's one more song from 'em: Griffin House - Ah me

Happy listening!
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It's a wonder some times, with the music one seems to have lying around, hidden in your computer or perhaps in your iPod or other mp3 player. It's lying right there, waiting to be played but somehow shuffle always seems to pull a nasty on it & somehow ignore it. Someway, somehow & finally, however, you'll hear a song you didn't even know you had that will make you go "ooh" or "aah". 

For me, Griffin House was one of those bands.

Loved by the Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, this band lands, if described, somewhere between Oasis/Five for fighting/Jeff Buckley which is just a good of a mix as it sounds. Just softer. With a tender indie-meets-rock vibe to them, they have melodious tunes & a soft approach that sparks your curiosity & leaves you listening for more. Check them out!

// Looking in my eyes what I'm going through
Even if we change and fall out of
You hold my hand and it's better than love

Save me from myself
You got my back when I need help
It's no one else in the world
You will always be my girl //

Griffin House - Better than love

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Added 24

At the end of every week I put together a list of all the albums I've added into my iTunes music library. Please browse through them & see if there's any you're curious about & would like a comment on -- or comment if you would like a song from any.

Note: this week's add-update includes last week's as well. 
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