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Do you want to request a song?

Leave a comment here and consider it done.

Browse through former requests by going here.


  • Maybe you have a current favourite hit, but you're wondering what it would sound like live, or maybe if someone else sung it.

-- BBC's Radio1 Live Lounge have excellent live renditions where different famous artist perform a couple of songs. Usually they perform some of their own and some other arists.

  • Are you perhaps looking for a song for a fandom? Maybe you're making a music video, or you just want a song which you can associate with a fandom, a moment...
  • Did you hear a song on a TV show or in a commerical and don't know the name of it but that you want it? Drop me a line and I'll find it for you.

  • The song can be of any artist, nature or genre. Generally, I don't upload entire albums, save for on rare occasions or exclusive releases. Ask me and I'll let you know.

--  offers great uploads. Neat to organise and you can always preview & listen before downloading.

Unless I inform you of otherwise, the songs will always be top quality and either in mp3 or mp4 format.
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