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Soundtrack: Bones, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, House, Reaper, Scrubs

Hey guys, better late than never! Easter served to put this whole thing on pause, but now I'm back, and so's the stack of TV show music I bring... enjoy!

4x19: The Science In The Physicist (aired: 04/09/09)
ZZ Top - El Diablo
[Hodgins wakes up in the desert.]

2x20 : Chuck VS The First Kill (aired: 04/13/09)
Twister Sister - We're not gonna take it
[Buy More chaos; repeats during the FULCRUM security breach.]
Darlene Love - Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry
[Chuck & Jill's engagement party.]
Duran Duran - Hungry like the wolf
[Chuck flashes on 'Uncle' Bernie; repeats as Bernie chases Chuck & Jill through the house.]
Franz Ferdinand - Shopping for blood
[Infiltrating FULCRUM.]

Friday Night Lights

3x13: Tomorrow Blues (aired: 01/14/09)
War - Low rider
[Buddy & Eric drive to check out a prospective player.]
Peter Framton - Baby I love your way
[ Performed during Billy & Mindy's wedding.]
Elvin Bishop - Fooled around and fell in love
[Performed as Lyla tells Tim about Vanderbilt.]
Wilson Picket - Mustang Sally
[Performed as Matt watches Julie dance and they talk.]
Percy Sledge - When a man loves a woman
[Performed as the couples dance.,

Grey's Anatomy
5x19: Elevator Love Letter (aired: 03/26/09)
Sanders Bohlke - The Weight of Us
[Alex complains to Meredith about how things turned out; Owen tells Cristina they should break up.]
The Cinematic Orchestra - That home
[Izzie's surgery starts.]
Peter Broderick - With the notes in my ears
[Alex sits at bedside; Cristina & Owen make love.]

5x21: Saviors (aired: 04/13/09)
Ray Charles - Georgia on my mind
[House plays the piano & harmonica; montage.] * This is the original of the song which Hugh Laurie performed on the show.

2x06: Underbelly (aired: 4/7/2009)
Buddy Stuart - In the valley of the sun
[Kristen & Sock start over]
2x07: The Good Soil (aired: 04/14/09)
Anya Marina - Miss halway
[Ben gets advice from a psychotherapist.]
Extreme - More than words
[Storm Command Central.]


8x14: My Soul On Fire, Part 1 (aired: 4/8/2009)
Juvenile - Slow motion
[Jordan sings rap.]
Ziggy Marley - True to myself
[End of episode.]

I've tried to acquire as many as I could for each show. If there's a song you're sure you heard but that isn't on the list, comment here & let me know.
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