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It's no wonder that even though I recommended Bon Iver already in the latest mishmash, they appear again so soon. Truth be told, it was way overdue the first time over. Bon Iver's a triumvirate consisting of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon and Mikae Noce & Sean Carey and together they create music so soulfully & and sonorously exuberant that they appear twice on kimberlybeach in less than a week.

Now, this song... with the band's name stemming from winter-budding taste (it means "good winter") it's no wonder that this song feels like the mist on a winter morning. Hazy, thick & misty at the same time, like a hand that reaches from outside and into your heart and hugs it. It's one of the most special songs I've heard in a long time, fellas. GRAB IT.

then the snow started falling
we were stuck out in your car, you were rubbing both of my hands
chewing on a candy bar

you said "'aint this just like the present to be showing up like this"
as a moon waned to crescent
we started to kiss

Bon Iver - Blood bank</lj>
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