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Mishmash #15

Salute music-minglers!

Due to to many things on this life's plate, the sonorous serving of musical pieces hasn't been as frequent as I hoped. Hopefully it'll change soon, with more updates in the form of 1 Recs & the more-of-same-kind (and perhaps also yet another change in layout) but until then, feast your ears into this juxtaposed mishmash of the betweens and ups and downs...

: Bon Iver - Skinny love                                 !
i told you to be patient, i told you to be fine, and i told you to be balanced and i told you to be kind // in the morning i'll be with you, but it will be a different kind, i'll be holding all the tickets and you'll be owning all the fines
Stemming from one of the most beautiful/maudlin titles of an album ever (For Emma, Forever ago) this acoustic song-plant accordingly favors to the painful & breezy at the same time, meeting it right where hurt meets a lonely moment of recollection in time-mirror's view. Once heard, its roots are difficult to eradicate & even more so, this little flower will remain in you as a favourite, petals the colour of love-pain. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Reamonn - Million miles
here is where the sky gets lonely, here i dissappear // i'm a million miles from you, but if we hold on, i know we'll make it through
For playing in the background, for being parted from someone you care about, for looking into the sky and thinking about exactly that -- a smooth-bumpin' background beat that won't pull you down too muchm but stick in your head so that the song & the thoughts associated with it will stick like glue, too.

: Club 8 - Jesus walk with me
fool me into believing, i don’t care if you're deceiving me // i wouldn’t want it any other way, ‘cause then i’d only stay the same
Smooth and thick like honey through warm summer sunlight, this song's a calm, golden wonder that is excellently featured in Swedish travel company Apollo's ads. Romantic, with the smell of fresh morning & yet anything you want it to be.

: Bloc Party - Signs
two ravens in the old oak tree, and one for you and one for me, and bluebells in the late december, i see signs now all the time
Tic-tockin' & emotion-knockin', a slow British beat for a building city rush or for the same rush, inside you. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Huey Lewis - It hit me like a hammer                                        !
i told myself to take it easy cause this wont last long, a day or two i'll be back in love and shell be long gone // but then she caught my eye, i knew that it was all a lie
Because some times, reliving the classic then-pop/rock of the 80s is just as smashing as the tool the song's title speaks of. People, if you're born or experienced the 80s in some way and don't know about Huey Lewis? Then you don't know SHIT.

: Lykke Li - Tonight                                        !
watch my back so I make sure, you're right behind me as before, yesterday, the night before tomorrow // dry my eye so you won't know,
dry my eye so i won't show, i know you're right behind me

A mirror-image of longing pain, this song pierces right through your skin from the first shard-tainted notes through to the very end, where hope has gained nothing, but emotions all the more. Pure & painful is the best way to describe this. A personal favourite.

: Saving Abel - Sailed away
now there's nothin' left and that's the reason there's not much left to believe in // if it's all just the same, i'll sail away
In the same spirit as former Rec's Rest in pieces (though they honestly sound more like Nickelback, if we're now pin-pointing) lighter rock with beat-boxing drums & issues of the heart and head attached, this is scratching enough to drag you along the road of an issue gone, but experienced again, so follow with it away.

Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.    

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