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Once apart of the cast of Coronation Street for a five-year run, Richard Fleeshman turned his acting into a more active part of the creative genre: singer-songwriter. Here he delivers a sweet, hum-friendly that gets stuck on your mind as easy as a whistle, but lingers smoother than icecream.

Admittedly, the first time I heard this song, I wondered why no one had told me that Ronan Keating had come out with a new song; their voices liken one another's in places but just the same, like two different people, they are two different artists -- but despite all of this difference, this tune is something most of you would like. Give it a listen.

you and I, we're both the same, try to get it right, we're just going different ways // and I know, that we willl laugh at this someday // I wish that we were back here again

: Richard Fleeshman - Back here

Also... the layout may change again, come next week. With it, a few more extra goodies! Woo the woo!
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