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Mishmash #14

Hola music-minglers!

Long time, no hear. How are things out there? You like kimberlybeach 's new look? A fresh face for a fresh start.

Some things have changed this time around & yet the changes are not done or over just yet: a schedule is yet to be posted, but for now, Mishmashes will be posted on weekends and Recs will come on random -- check in a couple of times a week because that's how often this hot-stuff place for music will be posted to. Huzzah!

Familiar greetings abound & here comes the very first shipment on way too many months adue: a plentiful 'mash of various songs that have all been playing on my iTunes in a great order. As you may have noticed, I'm not gonna waste time on some random hush-mush reasoning as to why Kimberly Beach was down, because that would be waisting time, time that could be better spent listening to all the greatness of waves for our ears... so let's finally have at it.

(I will say, though, it feels good to be back.)

: Cassettes Won't Listen - Freeze and explode                                            !
I hope you’ll finally see that the hardest thing I’ve ever done is say goodbye to me
Starting with retro-reverberating sounds from a console older than you, this song then kicks up into something much more modern, like the soundtrack to a retro-videogame's hero, perhaps. More than that, it's a song that easily gets stuck in your mind's memory patch after just a simple, sweet listen & you'll probably find yourself hitting repeat one more time until you start thinking about how you too wish you could just freeze & explode. Life may not be that simple, but liking this song is. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Kings of Leon - Manhattan
we're gonna build a fire, gonna stoke it up, we're gonna sip this wine and pass the cup // who needs avenues? who needs reservoirs? we're gonna show this town how to kiss these stars
Kings of Leon's release of their album Only by the night was perhaps one of the best albums of the end of 2008, if not the entire 2008. Praised by other artists such as John Mayer, there are several songs to pick from off of this album but here I picked a sparky, jittery tune that has the scent of 4am mist on it.

: Carolina Liar - Show me what I'm looking for                                            !
don't let go, I've wanted this far too long // mistakes become regrets, I've learned to love abuse
A music reviewer once described this song as having a similar build-up effect as Coldplay's Fix you & while I think that's over the top, this song wanders between upbeat, rock-pop-y verses & choruses that do indeed build up -- when the choir joins in at the end, well then it's hard not to get swept away. This band has been featured on 90210.

: Snow Patrol - Set down your glass
... and you say you'll sew me good as new and I know you will
Some times some bands surprise you with that their strongest songs seem to be the most uncharacteristic ones. This is a slow, sweet melody that won't quite leave you untouched, and you in turn will not leave it unlistened to again.

: Jon McLaughlin - We all need saving
you have got to move on, this is not the you i know and this isn't real, it's just all you can feel and that's the way that feelings go
We've all been there. When life seems to be a cacophony of crap, silent or not, when black seems to be the overwhelming feeling colouring & putting selfsame shades over the whole. When you're there, we all wish we had someone like this singing to us -- it's alright to be down. It's alright to be lost. And, really, it's alright to let someone else save you.

: Lisa Hannigan - Pistachio
sit down and fire away, i know it's tricky when you're feeling low, when you feel like your flavour has gone the way of a pre-shelled pistachio
You may recognize her voice but not her name: Lisa Hannigan has sung with fellow Irishman Damien Rice on many of his songs (she's the voice of a girl you can hear in, as an example, I remember or Volcanoes). Sounding just like her, she's here released a fresh-minted batch of songs with her essence in all of them, the feeling of something misty, something lush, and also, something small in a space of large fields.

: The National - Slow show
you know I dreamed about you for twenty-nine years before I saw you // You know I dreamed about you, I missed you for, for twenty-nine years
Driving in the car, thinking of head-marbles and soul-stones, it's not uncommon for those mires to be accompanied by a face, some times even a sweet, warm feeling to it. The feeling of getting somewhere. The feeling of getting to someone. Also featured on NBC's Chuck.

Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.    

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