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Soundtrack: Bones, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, House, Reaper, Scrubs

Hey guys, better late than never! Easter served to put this whole thing on pause, but now I'm back, and so's the stack of TV show music I bring... enjoy!

4x19: The Science In The Physicist (aired: 04/09/09)
ZZ Top - El Diablo
[Hodgins wakes up in the desert.]

2x20 : Chuck VS The First Kill (aired: 04/13/09)
Twister Sister - We're not gonna take it
[Buy More chaos; repeats during the FULCRUM security breach.]
Darlene Love - Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry
[Chuck & Jill's engagement party.]
Duran Duran - Hungry like the wolf
[Chuck flashes on 'Uncle' Bernie; repeats as Bernie chases Chuck & Jill through the house.]
Franz Ferdinand - Shopping for blood
[Infiltrating FULCRUM.]

Friday Night Lights

3x13: Tomorrow Blues (aired: 01/14/09)
War - Low rider
[Buddy & Eric drive to check out a prospective player.]
Peter Framton - Baby I love your way
[ Performed during Billy & Mindy's wedding.]
Elvin Bishop - Fooled around and fell in love
[Performed as Lyla tells Tim about Vanderbilt.]
Wilson Picket - Mustang Sally
[Performed as Matt watches Julie dance and they talk.]
Percy Sledge - When a man loves a woman
[Performed as the couples dance.,

Grey's Anatomy
5x19: Elevator Love Letter (aired: 03/26/09)
Sanders Bohlke - The Weight of Us
[Alex complains to Meredith about how things turned out; Owen tells Cristina they should break up.]
The Cinematic Orchestra - That home
[Izzie's surgery starts.]
Peter Broderick - With the notes in my ears
[Alex sits at bedside; Cristina & Owen make love.]

5x21: Saviors (aired: 04/13/09)
Ray Charles - Georgia on my mind
[House plays the piano & harmonica; montage.] * This is the original of the song which Hugh Laurie performed on the show.

2x06: Underbelly (aired: 4/7/2009)
Buddy Stuart - In the valley of the sun
[Kristen & Sock start over]
2x07: The Good Soil (aired: 04/14/09)
Anya Marina - Miss halway
[Ben gets advice from a psychotherapist.]
Extreme - More than words
[Storm Command Central.]


8x14: My Soul On Fire, Part 1 (aired: 4/8/2009)
Juvenile - Slow motion
[Jordan sings rap.]
Ziggy Marley - True to myself
[End of episode.]

I've tried to acquire as many as I could for each show. If there's a song you're sure you heard but that isn't on the list, comment here & let me know.
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1 Rec: continuation

I promised some members that rightfully fell rivetingly in love with Bon Iver a couple of days ago that after their 1 Rec that I would upload & post all of their stuff that I had, so, here's that promise coming to life.


The rar includes:
: The Myspace Transmissions: 4 songs
: Daytrotter Sessions: 4 songs
: Blood Bank EP: 4 songs
: For Emma, Forever ago ALBUM: 9 songs
Let me know if a .rar file doesn't work for you & we'll find another way.

Some personal favourites include Blindsided, re:stacks and naturally the previously mentioned Blood Bank and Skinny Love. Which are going to become your new favourites?

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The results are in from the Soundtracking poll and if we're keeping a scoreboard, then the result was: 1. House 2. Supernatural 3. Gossip girl/Chuck. Other mentions that people commented on under "other" were crime shows like CSI and Without A Trace.

From now on, I'm going to put up Soundtracking entries for as many TV shows as I possibly have time for, at the latest two days after the show aired. Huzzah!

If you ever have a moment when watching a show that makes you go "oh, I wonder what song this is?" just request it of me: comment in either the official request page or any other entry telling me what show it was, what episode (and if there were several songs, in what moment) and I'll do my snatchiest best to find just that curiousity-replying song. Simple: request it and I'll find it for you!

In the meanwhile, enjoy a few random picks from the most selected shows...

1x17: Damien Rice - Delicate
why did you sing hallelujah, if it means nothing to you? why did you sing with me, at all?

1x20: Dave Matthews Band - Some Devil
some devil is stuck inside me, why can't i set it free // i wish i was dead, and you're breathing just so that you could know some angel is stuck inside me, why can't iset you free?

Gossip Girl:
Pilot: Peter, Bjorn & John - Young folks
and we don't care about the young folks, talkin' 'bout the young style // and we don't care about the old folks
talkin' 'bout the old style too

General "theme": Kansas - Carry on my wayward son
though my eyes could see I still was a blind man, though my mind could think I still was a mad man // i hear the voices when I'm dreaming, i can hear them say, carry on my wayward son

Pilot: Teddybears STHLM - Cobra style

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Something I've been thinking about adding to this song-flinging community for a while is TV soundtracks. The songs you hear in the shows you watch. I mean, how often have you not tuned into this-or-that TV show and at some point told yourself "wow, this song is snappin'" / "wow, horrible moment for this song" or the likewise? Sensitive for music & its timing as I am, I do it on an almost daily basis.

If this were to be done, I'd try to have the songs featured in the most recent episode of [insert show] up in this community the day, or two days after the actual episode aired.

But here lies the question(s): what show do you want me soundtracking?

Poll #1376435 Soundtracking [what] TV show?

I want this/these TV show soundtracked...

Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
If there's an "other" show you really want me to post the soundtracking of, just post the name of the show in a comment and we'll tally 'em up.

Also, somewhen when I wasn't looking, we got over a 100 members! WOHOO! You are all sonorously awesome.
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1 Rec

It's no wonder that even though I recommended Bon Iver already in the latest mishmash, they appear again so soon. Truth be told, it was way overdue the first time over. Bon Iver's a triumvirate consisting of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon and Mikae Noce & Sean Carey and together they create music so soulfully & and sonorously exuberant that they appear twice on kimberlybeach in less than a week.

Now, this song... with the band's name stemming from winter-budding taste (it means "good winter") it's no wonder that this song feels like the mist on a winter morning. Hazy, thick & misty at the same time, like a hand that reaches from outside and into your heart and hugs it. It's one of the most special songs I've heard in a long time, fellas. GRAB IT.

then the snow started falling
we were stuck out in your car, you were rubbing both of my hands
chewing on a candy bar

you said "'aint this just like the present to be showing up like this"
as a moon waned to crescent
we started to kiss

Bon Iver - Blood bank</lj>
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Mishmash #15

Salute music-minglers!

Due to to many things on this life's plate, the sonorous serving of musical pieces hasn't been as frequent as I hoped. Hopefully it'll change soon, with more updates in the form of 1 Recs & the more-of-same-kind (and perhaps also yet another change in layout) but until then, feast your ears into this juxtaposed mishmash of the betweens and ups and downs...

: Bon Iver - Skinny love                                 !
i told you to be patient, i told you to be fine, and i told you to be balanced and i told you to be kind // in the morning i'll be with you, but it will be a different kind, i'll be holding all the tickets and you'll be owning all the fines
Stemming from one of the most beautiful/maudlin titles of an album ever (For Emma, Forever ago) this acoustic song-plant accordingly favors to the painful & breezy at the same time, meeting it right where hurt meets a lonely moment of recollection in time-mirror's view. Once heard, its roots are difficult to eradicate & even more so, this little flower will remain in you as a favourite, petals the colour of love-pain. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Reamonn - Million miles
here is where the sky gets lonely, here i dissappear // i'm a million miles from you, but if we hold on, i know we'll make it through
For playing in the background, for being parted from someone you care about, for looking into the sky and thinking about exactly that -- a smooth-bumpin' background beat that won't pull you down too muchm but stick in your head so that the song & the thoughts associated with it will stick like glue, too.

: Club 8 - Jesus walk with me
fool me into believing, i don’t care if you're deceiving me // i wouldn’t want it any other way, ‘cause then i’d only stay the same
Smooth and thick like honey through warm summer sunlight, this song's a calm, golden wonder that is excellently featured in Swedish travel company Apollo's ads. Romantic, with the smell of fresh morning & yet anything you want it to be.

: Bloc Party - Signs
two ravens in the old oak tree, and one for you and one for me, and bluebells in the late december, i see signs now all the time
Tic-tockin' & emotion-knockin', a slow British beat for a building city rush or for the same rush, inside you. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Huey Lewis - It hit me like a hammer                                        !
i told myself to take it easy cause this wont last long, a day or two i'll be back in love and shell be long gone // but then she caught my eye, i knew that it was all a lie
Because some times, reliving the classic then-pop/rock of the 80s is just as smashing as the tool the song's title speaks of. People, if you're born or experienced the 80s in some way and don't know about Huey Lewis? Then you don't know SHIT.

: Lykke Li - Tonight                                        !
watch my back so I make sure, you're right behind me as before, yesterday, the night before tomorrow // dry my eye so you won't know,
dry my eye so i won't show, i know you're right behind me

A mirror-image of longing pain, this song pierces right through your skin from the first shard-tainted notes through to the very end, where hope has gained nothing, but emotions all the more. Pure & painful is the best way to describe this. A personal favourite.

: Saving Abel - Sailed away
now there's nothin' left and that's the reason there's not much left to believe in // if it's all just the same, i'll sail away
In the same spirit as former Rec's Rest in pieces (though they honestly sound more like Nickelback, if we're now pin-pointing) lighter rock with beat-boxing drums & issues of the heart and head attached, this is scratching enough to drag you along the road of an issue gone, but experienced again, so follow with it away.

Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.    

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1 Rec

Once apart of the cast of Coronation Street for a five-year run, Richard Fleeshman turned his acting into a more active part of the creative genre: singer-songwriter. Here he delivers a sweet, hum-friendly that gets stuck on your mind as easy as a whistle, but lingers smoother than icecream.

Admittedly, the first time I heard this song, I wondered why no one had told me that Ronan Keating had come out with a new song; their voices liken one another's in places but just the same, like two different people, they are two different artists -- but despite all of this difference, this tune is something most of you would like. Give it a listen.

you and I, we're both the same, try to get it right, we're just going different ways // and I know, that we willl laugh at this someday // I wish that we were back here again

: Richard Fleeshman - Back here

Also... the layout may change again, come next week. With it, a few more extra goodies! Woo the woo!
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Mishmash #14

Hola music-minglers!

Long time, no hear. How are things out there? You like kimberlybeach 's new look? A fresh face for a fresh start.

Some things have changed this time around & yet the changes are not done or over just yet: a schedule is yet to be posted, but for now, Mishmashes will be posted on weekends and Recs will come on random -- check in a couple of times a week because that's how often this hot-stuff place for music will be posted to. Huzzah!

Familiar greetings abound & here comes the very first shipment on way too many months adue: a plentiful 'mash of various songs that have all been playing on my iTunes in a great order. As you may have noticed, I'm not gonna waste time on some random hush-mush reasoning as to why Kimberly Beach was down, because that would be waisting time, time that could be better spent listening to all the greatness of waves for our ears... so let's finally have at it.

(I will say, though, it feels good to be back.)

: Cassettes Won't Listen - Freeze and explode                                            !
I hope you’ll finally see that the hardest thing I’ve ever done is say goodbye to me
Starting with retro-reverberating sounds from a console older than you, this song then kicks up into something much more modern, like the soundtrack to a retro-videogame's hero, perhaps. More than that, it's a song that easily gets stuck in your mind's memory patch after just a simple, sweet listen & you'll probably find yourself hitting repeat one more time until you start thinking about how you too wish you could just freeze & explode. Life may not be that simple, but liking this song is. Featured on NBC's Chuck.

: Kings of Leon - Manhattan
we're gonna build a fire, gonna stoke it up, we're gonna sip this wine and pass the cup // who needs avenues? who needs reservoirs? we're gonna show this town how to kiss these stars
Kings of Leon's release of their album Only by the night was perhaps one of the best albums of the end of 2008, if not the entire 2008. Praised by other artists such as John Mayer, there are several songs to pick from off of this album but here I picked a sparky, jittery tune that has the scent of 4am mist on it.

: Carolina Liar - Show me what I'm looking for                                            !
don't let go, I've wanted this far too long // mistakes become regrets, I've learned to love abuse
A music reviewer once described this song as having a similar build-up effect as Coldplay's Fix you & while I think that's over the top, this song wanders between upbeat, rock-pop-y verses & choruses that do indeed build up -- when the choir joins in at the end, well then it's hard not to get swept away. This band has been featured on 90210.

: Snow Patrol - Set down your glass
... and you say you'll sew me good as new and I know you will
Some times some bands surprise you with that their strongest songs seem to be the most uncharacteristic ones. This is a slow, sweet melody that won't quite leave you untouched, and you in turn will not leave it unlistened to again.

: Jon McLaughlin - We all need saving
you have got to move on, this is not the you i know and this isn't real, it's just all you can feel and that's the way that feelings go
We've all been there. When life seems to be a cacophony of crap, silent or not, when black seems to be the overwhelming feeling colouring & putting selfsame shades over the whole. When you're there, we all wish we had someone like this singing to us -- it's alright to be down. It's alright to be lost. And, really, it's alright to let someone else save you.

: Lisa Hannigan - Pistachio
sit down and fire away, i know it's tricky when you're feeling low, when you feel like your flavour has gone the way of a pre-shelled pistachio
You may recognize her voice but not her name: Lisa Hannigan has sung with fellow Irishman Damien Rice on many of his songs (she's the voice of a girl you can hear in, as an example, I remember or Volcanoes). Sounding just like her, she's here released a fresh-minted batch of songs with her essence in all of them, the feeling of something misty, something lush, and also, something small in a space of large fields.

: The National - Slow show
you know I dreamed about you for twenty-nine years before I saw you // You know I dreamed about you, I missed you for, for twenty-nine years
Driving in the car, thinking of head-marbles and soul-stones, it's not uncommon for those mires to be accompanied by a face, some times even a sweet, warm feeling to it. The feeling of getting somewhere. The feeling of getting to someone. Also featured on NBC's Chuck.

Don't like what you see or hear? Request something else.    

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Return of songwaves

Heya music-minglers!

Did you miss your weekly dose of new music mishmashes? Some new tunes to tune into, some shakers to shake that groove to or just some place to find something new to add to the collected count in your music player... well, miss it no more.

kimberlybeach  will be back up and running soon. Very soon.

Until then, the community will undergo some changes in layout & user info & the such but very soon, the sonorous doors will be re-opened!

Hope to see or hear you around for it.